Author:Reporter: Gin Lane by Hogarth

Hogarth’s Beer Valley and Gin Lane are two pieces, that were published side by side each other to illustrate as described ‘the evils’ of gin-drinking as part of a campaign against the production and selling of cheap gin. Both prints are now located at the Metropolitan museum at New York.


While the first image (left hand side) portrays this relaxed scene of villagers; the gin lane image is quite strikingly contradicting in comparison to the prior. With in the image ‘Gin lane’, it’s very dominant in pointing out the message across of what the publisher is trying to convey and all that came to mind with this was, ‘With every choice comes a consequence.’ and with in that particular choice of putting the grin down in price, a large portion of individuals will be able to buy it in large amounts and with that result, they’ll consume it and therefore, the final result will be what is depicted with in the published image for the campaign. If I haven’t made it clear enough already, the image is going against the idea of selling of cheap gin.

Another thing that came to mind, while I was observing these images was, that it made me recall a concept artist who I’ve mentioned previously on this blog.  Mike McCarthy was previously one of the head conceptual artists and illustrator for the game series ‘Fable’, created by LionHead studios.


In term of colour schemes and styles, but not only that. There was one particular poster, that he had created that was encouraging the use of buying alchohol, however, this is being conveyed with light humour.







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