Author:Reporter: Cultural Archive

Tonbridge, Kent.

As it was a place, I often went to over the holiday, either to visit friends or assist with shopping. I always found my attention drawn to the behaviours of others; buildings, shops and other aspects of this town. I’ve spent a lot of time in this location, mainly in my teens, as I went to Hugh Christie technology college for Secondary.

I was particularly fond of all of the friends I made and seeing the river and castle. There’s a variety of different locations with in Tonbridge, which I like to walk down or just go back there to feel nostalgic.

It’s changed over the years, and coming back to see new shops and people, it was very unusual.

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I tired to focus mainly on the spots that I visit frequently with friends and family. I also trie to revist the same spots at different points of the day; I couldn’t help myself. I got a little taken away with the many, various things I could see.




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