Author:Reporter: Patrick Keiller London

Patrick Keiller’s docummentary on/about London is a re-telling of the information, and what could be the opinion/views of another person. Sort of similar to ‘Hear-say’ re-telling, but it’s retold in his own words. At first, it was very difficult to tell whether or not the narrator is directing the video from his own view, then comparing it to his partner’s/lover (the hint to this, is that he repeats the male’s name quite fondly) or if he’s going by Robinson’s.

It’s showing and describing the changing of the city.

There were some unusual clips/footage during parts of the film, where the clips didn’t quite match up with the disgust the narrator was expressing. For example, he was conveying how disgusted he was with the current change or something to do with the poll choices, but the music and his view was, but the clip showed a bus, which completely contradicted that sensation of his anger.


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