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Martin Parr

British documentary photographer; photobook collector and photo journalist. He’s more renown for his projects that look at the aspects of modern life.

His work gives us a new insight in to how we observe and view things, objects, people and at all different angles and ways. Even the simplest of objects or aspects. Not only that they can be seen as just an ‘object’, they are given a new identity, a new meaning. We can see all of these images/photographs from his own perspective.

Skimming through each photograph for myself, there were several things I picked up on, that he has through out his work:

  • A theme
  • Obscure colour scheme/pallet
  • Unusual angles from where the photo is being taken

While it’s not particularly clear as to what his motifs are, but to quote from his introduction on his website,  ‘In this way he creates his own image of society, which allows us to combine an analysis of the visible signs of globalisation with unusual visual experiences.’ While the images do appear to either simple, or complicated, I suppose this depends on the eyes of the viewer and how we see them, but he’s taking his perspectives and putting them in an entirely new concept and giving it meaning from his experience.

Tony Ray Jones

Another English photographer and in connection to Parr; he had a joint gallery exhibition opened in 2014 with Tony Ray Jones.

My aim is to communicate something of the spirit and the mentality of the English, their habits and their way of life, the ironies that exist in the way they do things, partly through their traditions and partly through the nature of their environment and their mentality. For me there is something very special about the English ‘way of life’ and I wish to record it from my particular point of view before it becomes Americanised and disappears.


Nan Goldin

Now one of my favourite photographers. After thoroughly checking through her works, I’ve come to like mainly the gritty, rough, vintage tones with in her photos. I’m not exactly sure why, but it reminds me of ‘Pulp fiction’ with those similar acid tones and lights.



While  she lives and works in New York city, Berlin and Paris; she’s known more for her LGBT themes and public figures.




Wolfgang Tillmans

Another photographer, who focuses more on observations and the use of mediums which are shown through out his imagery.

Above are a few examples of the simple objects that he’s photographed; I found myself particularly interested in these because while they’re considered as our ‘normal’ and ‘every day’ usable items (etc), they can be given an idea, or some sort of story behind them. I was also very taken by the nice, use of colourisation and hues that have been applied to help bring out specific, dominant colours, such as white and blue.



Corinne Day

Influenced by style and perception of Phtography sinc the ealy 1990’s, she started to introduce a more, what can be described as a ‘hard edged’ docummentary look to fashion image making.




Things to consider after the research:

When observig the photographs/work produced by each individual artist/photographer, I came to some things that I may have to always consider, that will possibly also help me out as a starting point for this new project hat I’ll be starting on Tuesday 17th January 2017.

  • What is the focus of the images/objects?
  • Do they have any context? do they have an meaning behind them?
  • Theme? is there a theme? how does the things or background/scenery aroud them respond or give the object a response?
  • colours? hues? do these help the image and set a mood or similar?
  • Positioning of objects or scenes? will the overall positioning affect the image?
  • What’s going on with in this picture/composition?




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