A:R: Reportage: Brick Lane and Fournier Street- Task Brief/ Work shop 1

As the central focus is collecting a variety of different records, both through image, sound and data, we all made our way to the first location– Brick Lane.

From my experience, the weather was quite mild,  slight wind, but it was pretty cold. I felt a lot of pressure as I drew down movements of certain individuals; I had this strong, overwhelming vibe as if I was constantly being over shadowed or being watched while i was making notes, or drawing down. I had to quickly scrawl down with whatever medium was in my hand at the time and at one point, I got a little fed up with having to keep moving away from the building I was focusing on or the person I was watching.

I noticed that there were a few… very… very awkward conversations that I picked up on, or there were moments and actions of a few peoples behaviour which were pretty intense or scary, but they later contradicted their ‘tough-guy’ persona with humour.

Over all, I did feel a little hurried, even though I spent about 2 hours in Brick lane, looking at every single view, building, side walks, bricks, objects, sounds etc.




One thought on “A:R: Reportage: Brick Lane and Fournier Street- Task Brief/ Work shop 1

  1. michelle salamon says:

    You have posted some really interesting observations here about your experiences of drawing and collecting information in this location. This will really help to inform your own responses to the project. You have also found some interesting references.


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