A:R: Reporter: Our new project!

Let me first, give you all a very, warm welcome back and Happy new year. I didn’t get a chance to do that from the previous posts, so here we are. A brand new project for the Author:Reporter studio.

Being enlightened with the second studio brief; I’ve become very esctatic to start working on it straight away. Our focus of the brief is to translate visual narrative, explore the relationships between the location, experience and image. The theme is London, however the project will focus on a location with in London. Although, if we wanted to record two or three locations at the same time, we will need to provide a link in to why these locations are connected.

It’s quite an interesting, unrestricted approach towards this term, but after the briefing, I’ve started to jot down all of the things I’ll need to keep in mind as a reminder for myself.

  • Encourage myself to look at narrative sequences to help accumulate a variety of different ideas and outputs.
  • Document EVERY THING that happens with in the experience, with in the location (Smells, sounds, conversations, colours, directions, objects, interests, thoughts etc)
  • Through a range of mediums and papers/textures, make sure they help to convey the location or show that experience.
  • Practice and experiement between paper and digital .
  • History behind the locations; note down any changes, i.e. weather, buildings, people, behaviours, sounds.



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