A:R:Reporter: Pinterest finds and inspiration for the box outcome

One of our final outcomes for the project is a box, that will have all of the visuals, objects that are linked to our experience of our location within London. I started off on Pinterest, as it’s a huge source of inspiration, full of different and various ideas about a variety of many sibjects.

Since it’s a box, I wanted to try and look at as many different ideas that have already been created, in spite of that, I thought I would try and look specifically for boxes/containers that are in the shape of buildings, frames and so on.

If anyone wants to check it out, feel free to check out the board.

From looking at a selected view, I find it to be very helpful towards how i can convey an entire experience down one road (for example) and to show it with in just simpe layered images with in a container, or having sevel objects arranged with in a frame to capture things from that experience.


Here’s an example of one, I found intriguing, it has several hints, an illustration and a few objects that you can easily be able to figure out that the box is in connection to Alice in Wonderland. If I were to keep this in mind, it may be a good idea to think about what letters, obects, art, sound I encounter and how I can display it with in the box.

I might try to consider the shape and appearance of the box, and how it links back to the final chosen location?


Joseph Cornell’s Swan lake. Another example, this time, I think this is a really good example of how framing photographs, drawings and layering them up could be a good outcome to inspire the animation we also have to produce an outcome.

I’ll have to consider:

  • How will the images be placed?
  • How will they narrate the experience/story?
  • How will lighting come in to play? will it reflect the time of day in which the experience happened?
  • Composition?
  • Movement of the objects?



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