A:R: Reporter: Charles Matton

A multitalented artist from France; Charles Matton has created  and provided a collection of many box-related pieces, that I had came across when shown a few examples of his work during the briefing.


Charles Matton’s ‘Enclosures’. Image credit@voltcafe.com


What I find incredible about these boxes are, how from a very, simple close up of the inside, you wouldn’t even consider that it’s a close-up shot or that the whole box with the room inside it, is a lot smaller than it appears to be. Each and every item is placed and designed with such detail, it’s almost realistic. It also captures the experience or location of the room or place it’s based on, which iI thought would be a nice link in to the project.

The miniature spaces represent real world interiors and revisited memories from Matton’s own life, as well as other recognizable places such as Francis Bacon’s studio, or the library of his close friend Jean Baudrillard.- allvisualarts


I’ve started to consider, that I could recreate a whole part of a location from 3d, however, I’ll have to consider the following: Size, lighting, what location it’s going to be, the selection, what materials are going to be used etc.



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