A:R: Rosie James

Observing facial features; human behaviour, patterns, movements, postures and the changes with in all of those things are things I seek out every day as an inspiration, as a guidance towards understanding figures, people, humans. If I’m simply observing the patterns and changes with in London, including its people with in this project; I need to make notes of this. If those people or a person with in the community in a reaction were showing emotion, I wondered if there is a way to represent that? through colour? change in paper or medium? facial features? How will I be able to express that? 

Rosie James’ a textile artist whose known for stitching out these figures from thread.

While she’s observing certain individuals, she re-creates them through the use of stitching. Another approach that differs from just drawing with chalk, charcoals and pen. Through using different uses of thread in stitching, you can layer up individual visuals and they can be presented by not only thread, but with other physical materials, such as silk, cotton, linen, plastic etc.

Source: http://www.mrxstitch.com/knitting-stitching-show-2012/artist-profile-rosie-james/


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