A:R:Reporter: City scapes: Tyler Burke

On my hunt for box and diorama ideas, I kept coming across some interesting examples of City scape illustrations, from looking in to this particular subject, I came across a few artists who struck out at me.

Tyler Burke is one of them. I wasn’t able to find a lot of information about his work, or about the artist themself, but from searches, I’ve found a blog who was also intrigued by his collaging and prints for different locations.

Which made me start to think, that I could build up a whole array of sketches, but for the fillers/ contents with in my box, they don’t have to strictly be just drawings or prints, nor photographs. Yes, I could draw down a really detailed observational sketch of Brick lane, but I could take that drawing and replicated it on to news print, and do the same for other drawings. I thought about the possible use of acrylic gel medium, which gives that really worn out look, if you use it for image transfer and this could help to possibly emphasise a mood, feeling or even the sensation of feeling ‘worn out’ from the overall experience of travelling to these locations.




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