CIP:Collection- Week 2

Reflection on Kate Moross

Her style from my opinion is very bright, bold and striking. While there maintains this consistency, there is a lot of impact. Her style keeps this variety of shapes, curves, colours etc., but the way that she combines these traits together helps to pull her work; her concept together in order for it to stand out and become memorable. Another thing is, how she explains her way of working, there some points where I agree with it. It’s not just about getting a final concept, but there are always other things that you need to consider when producing an image. Therefore, there are some points that I can truly agree with and reflect on, for instance the consistency and the testing of an idea to get something new, but there are parts where I would disagree on.

By obtaining your first idea, you always have to reflect on what’s working or what isn’t working. You need to bear in mind, whether what your trying to show or introduce to a fresh face to the product or whatever you’re presenting are able to understand. If they can’t, then that’s when you need to work at it. Then again, not everyone is going to understand every concept or idea you come up with. I think as long as you’re able to show or get it to a standard where it’s presentable and clear, you’ve got it.

Found patterns that I can connect to:

As my styles vary between black and white and then to colour, I wanted to find a striking, bold pattern that consists of just black and white. While the colour circle pattern is the energetic, colourful side that I would like to reflect in my drawings

My reflection

While there’s many ways; answers, thoughts, solutions and explanations towards illustration in how we can illustrate or what it is or how we perceive it. In my opinion, illustration for me is an outlet.

It helps me to express a thought, a new idea, a new world. It helps me to come up with these new characters, lands and put them in scenarios through giving them life. Not in just drawing them, but through the use of lines, facial expressions, colour.

Honestly, illustration helps me even take an old idea and make it in to a new one. I’m giving birth to a new creation. I’m giving life to it visually.

How do I go about my ways of working?

I have an idea, I start to draft it out and I work in it. I test it out by seeing if it’s clear to me and question myself on practically everything in connection to what I’m working on. If it’s clear, if it’s expressing what I’m trying to show; if it’s got the correct colour schemes, if it’s showing the correct mood I want to show, if it’s shapes are good, if there’s text; how well does it flow with the image?

I go in a repetitive circle and I constantly ask myself these questions to help out, not only me, but the imagery or whatever I’m creating, so it works. I try to look at the image from different perspectives, so I can understand it from another person’s point of view.

I continue to then try and make it clear and work on these techniques as best as I can to make sure that the final outcome(s) work that it’s clear for my audience.




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