A:R: Reporter: New found artists

Let’s cheer for the new found artists for this week!

Katrine Brosnan

As I feel it would be unpolite to distribute her drawings without her permission, just go nd visit her portfolio. I discovered her blog, while I was searching around for observational and reportage ideas for my sketchbook o Pinterest and I’m very fond with her onservational sketches. Even though they’re very simple, it’s quite nice to see how clear they are. You can easily tell and re-create a visual representaion of what the scene it’s based on must be like with in your head.

Lynne Chapman

Another suggestion to go and check their portofio out because I cannot share the images, but I was left feeling very intrigued by her way of working. The use of tones, colours, detail and lines is a quality I do like to see in illustrations. I thought this particular artist would be a nice person to reference, in connection to the reportage project. Her use of colours on the page create emotion with in the images, so I could take this in mind.


Another blog:

I started to think about ways in how I can portray sound visually, and after a bit of searching around, I found a blogger whose composed a little project of their own.


After reading their process in how they’ve recreated sound, but as an entirely new visual. It really made me think about the different ways that I could capture or record sounds and recreate them as an image, or even try to replicate a sound by wiggling  line while drawing.



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