A:R: Lino cuts

Developing from the illustrations based on my observations at Brick Lane, I followed on from the task I missed last week by cutting the drawings in to lino.

Each one took between 10-30 mnutes to cut, but the reason I chose these images in particular is becuse I noticed a pattern during my experiences, and that was mainly linked in to the people of Brick Lane. They don’t ever seem to face or look where they’re going. They’re usually on their phones or looking down. It’s quite unnerving and frustrating, but from this, I also tried to pick out a drawing that had some sort of direct link to the place as well. Something that anyone who has ever visited the place would be able to say, ‘Oh, yeah. I know where that is’ and I chose the drawing with the Vintage Market sign in it.

What I found interesting about this task in particular, is that you have to figure out while you’re drawing your image in to the lino, where you want the printing ink show up or not. It was a hard decision when it came to having to think about it at first, but gradually, I found myself forgetting about the worry of that and proceeded to look more in to where the shades, or curves of the expressions or faces would be instead.


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