A:R: Reporter: Development +Research| Brick Lane and its history.

As I’ve collected quite a bit of interesting images, drawings and notes on this location, I feel that this is most likely going to be the place that I’ll focus on for this project. It’s got so much inspiration and every day, there’s always something new to discover.

I did a bit of background checking on the place itself, I looked in to how it became the place it is today and it’s hard to believe that Brick Lane wasn’t even known as that from the start, nor did people start settling in to the place until the Romans had left.

“Places outside the wall became gateways for migrants into London. The incoming communities brought the trades for which the street would become well known, and in one particular case, the trade it was named after.” —LONDONIST

I’s quite an interesting article because it starts to give a very detailed story about how the name originated, what kind of communities came in and populated the area and how there was a major change with in that one part of London.


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