A:R: Research||Book binds and more box design ideas from Pinterest.

After looking at all of the information collated; plus the photographs and sketches etc. I’m starting to now consider more ideas towards my box and book. I need to keep in mind that both of the objects will need to show CLEAR communication to my audience of the experience obtained at Brick Lane. So, I had some ideas which I already discussed with a few peers with in our studio in the first week, but I’ll say them now:

  • For my box, as people associate Brick Lane mainly for it’s Brick structures, art pieces and graffiti, I’ve been thinking about producing a box that either resembles a brick or a known structure with in the area.
  • Perhaps making a diorama of where I went in Brick Lane or Brick Lane is, but instead, I can pinpoint with in the 3d structure, where I had my experiences and put them here.

    So, as these were the only few ideas I’ve thought of so far, I did a bit more searching around Pinterest for ideas about Boxes again.


This was a nice example I found. It helped me to think more about the size of both the book and the box, but also, to be considerate about how the book needs to have a link to the box in its design.


Recreating a building on Brick Lane? but having it as a 3d model kind of box? I could also add a adjustable flap to it, where the brick wall opens up to the book?

As the location is quite.. filthy, messy.. there’s junk and little or string lying around in most alley ways or side streets down there, it feels extremely gritty. I could reflect on this through the book binding, by having the book bind be not so clean and tidy?

I may consider binding it by string/thread.

I’ve created another board on Pinterest, just for the thought of this idea.






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