A:R: Animation in a box.

Let me just put it like this first: I really enjoyed this lesson. Even if it was just a test to see how we explore our idea, or testing out the images/sketches we’ve collected over the last two to three weeks, I found it to be a good exercise because I’m now able to see a direction of where I want to take this project. Even if it’s not entirely clear, I’m starting to pull together a narrative from my dérive. We created a short storyboard for this.

Starting the session off, we took a quick visit to Central house to check out the animation studio, but also got a neat discussion about a software called ‘Dragon frame’. A program which I’ve used before, but at the last University I went to. The program is a stop motion capture program, which is set up to help capture the image/photo of something that’s set up from the camera. Though, this wasn’t new to me, I do find it interesting to see if there’s a possibility for myself to once again improve on the last time I used a specific program for a lesson.

When arriving back, we cre-visited the story board we made before leaving. Made some changes. I wasn’t particularly keen on changing mine, as I felt that this was a clear narrative, which was: “Travelling down to Brick lane; steadily, quietly. Passing the faces with in a harsh, cold wind. Bumping in to them as I go on past, it was irritating. The distraction. The mobiles.”

I sketched down these ideas, based on the life drawing I did when I visited the place.

I decided to try and test these out in the box by using the stop motion capture app on my phone and trying to pick up on re-animating the movemnt of the people with in that journey I took.


One thought on “A:R: Animation in a box.

  1. michelle salamon says:

    This is a good start to your testing and you have started to think in an interesting way about the physical experiences you had during the Derive. I particularly like the idea of people bumping into you. You may like to have a look at this video by Walter Stern, though it is live action it focusses on the experience of a walk in Hoxton

    Also continue to look at how you can mixi long shots and close ups to maintain the viewers attention.


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