CIP: Portfolio presentation talk

Fig Taylor, who consults with illustrators and designers about how they need to prepare and construct their portfolio came in to give us a talk about what we should be doing or should consider doing for our very own portfolio, in terms of presentation.

Her advice was very straight forward, clear and concise. I’ve learnt a lot from the presentation, but I also found myself feeling very positive in where I should take my design ideas further from here, to help build up some more plans in how I need to lay my work out with in the diagrams for the book pages.

When it comes to a portfolio, there needs to be consistency and what you need/want to show needs to be direct and clear to the person you want to show it to.

Thinking over the whole talk, overall, I was able to consider a few things:

  • When curating a portfolio, you need to be able to have a distinct style that’s consistent. You’ll also need to show that you’re able to reflect upon whatever your client is looking for with in your portfolio.
  • Make sure to always do research. Research the client, what they want and try to present whatever is relevant.

Developing different styles is okay. Developing as many different ones as possible is also a good idea.

When I started to think about my own content, and how I lay it out or prepare it, I came up with this thought as well:

When, or if I were to think about layout of text and form of content produced, I strongly thing that what I’m trying needs to be relevant and very clear for who I’m presenting it to; just to avoid them (audience) being confused. For example, if I were to produce fanart or a quick, short, one-page comic, I make sure that the characters are clear on emotions, dialogue and that the actions made are ones that are understandable simply from looking at the image.

As for any documents with words involved, it’s pretty much the same. I go out to make the text or content focused and direct to avoid confusion.

To make sure the information or text I’m promoting is clear and makes sense or if I’m referencing, i also make sure to research the thing I’m talking about first.


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