A;r: What is beauty to me?

Lines. Boldness; structures, quirks… memes… nature and things that are fictional and 2d.

Those are a few of the things, but from this work shop, we were spoken to about the elements and principles of design. Taking this in to consideration, we journeyed to our locations to find compositions that had at least one or two of these aspects.

I tried to reflect my experience in my chosen concepts, but I tried to find things that weren’t the most typical and had this unique sensation to it.IMG_20170326_203058[1]

Following through the brief when I had returned to the studio, I found it difficult to explore further when trying to create posters using our found or created sources. I just felt uninspired somehow, so I decided to play around until I came up with something. I tried repeating the image; moving it and scaling it to all sorts of sizes to try and obtain one element and a principle.

While they did appear bold to me, I wasn’t too keen on them. AT ALL. They just appeared bland and unappealing.

Photoshop/ Screen print preparation

Pretty straight forward. I pretty much swam through this set up, but it’s always nice to guarantee or check up on the correct settings etc.

When editing my images, I wanted to see if I could collage my results together and see where it’ll get me. I wasn’t too quick on the editing or removing of the backgrounds, but I was very enthusiastic towards wanting to layer up each object in to place to create a new scene. Doing this exercise helped me to generate a few ideas and see if it works or not, but sadly, it felt a bit too ‘digital’ or it wasn’t quite clear on conveying my experience that I wanted to show.


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