CIP: Collection: Thought of the week and Alan Fletcher.

Alan Fletcher. A graphic designer, who’s iconically known for his use of type with image.

You may be able to easily spot any of his works, and also, I recalled having one of his books… or the book with the front cover that he designed, It was one of many of my fond reads as a young child and I also remember being very fond of many of the contents with in that book, and the thing that attracted to me it was the front cover.


Moving on from that, his more iconic works, in the way that he can manipulate type and position it in such a way is very intruiging. Not only that, but clever.

You have to have a very broad sense to be able to understand some of his concepts. In terms of layout, during the video, he gave a talk on how his intention for the book that he had designed was to look at things sideways and to be always thinking outside of the box.


My thought(s) on his way of working:

He has a very strong point, and I find it remarkable that there’s someone whose able to see things from a different perspective, just simply by looking and thinking outside of the box. When placing a word with an image, you always have to consider that there’s always another option of laying them out and placing them side by side each other, or completely scrapping the image or/and the word to try and result in a more interesting way. When I look back to how he has experimented with the layouts of his book, to make each page unique in their very own way, it leads me to believe that how you lay the content out, it’ll affect the whole page or either the entire book itself. If you were to place a heading a certain way, or were to have the word ‘BOLD’ bolded out, there’s sure to be some way that it will work with whatever image beside it on the same/next page or that it may not.

What you do to your text, style, font face, image or whatever happens with in that page, there always needs to be thoughtful decisions in the way that you present the work that you would like to place down. You need to see things from a much broader view, and it needs to be thought about carefully. Observing those things at a broader sense, instead of being narrow minded about it.

It also needs to be kept clear and direct as well, for those who will eventually understand the thing you would like to show.


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