CIP: Week 19: Thought of the week

Type being one of the most important aspects when it comes to design, Domenic Lippa has an indepth knowledge. It’s quite intruiging to be able to look over many of his designs and note in the wit behind it.
Being able to be aware of what he’s working on and exploring with text, layout and all of the other aspects involved around with what he does, is reall interesting, due to how he’s able to put out an idea, that speaks for itself on a certain subject with a simple line.
The way that he’s able to take a word, a punctuation mark or even a sentence, and lay it out in such a way, that it’s conveying a message is pretty cunning.
Not only that, but for example, with his project ‘Words by voices’ he has been restricting himself to using only one type face and two colours on their own, that’s bold. However, it’s giving his work some impact.
There’s a repetitive style going on as well.
Even with the boundaries of working in only one or two colours with one style, especially with this project in particular, where it’s depicting social justice, the colours and bold variant speaks for itself.
Without these considerations, such as style, size, where the word (s) are placed; the project itself wouldn’t be as successful, as it would simply just be treated as ‘another word’ on a blank space.
With these traits kept in, and careful consideration towards how the designer has worked on the outcomes, it has brought the project together and was able to show the context/contents of what their trying to show clearly.


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