CIP: Week 17: Thought of the week and Book binding.

Collecting all of the data so far in relation to Unit Edition; being able to know the subjects or themes of your brief given is important. Being able to have a high quality design, with a way of being able to work with anything, or even with, as I stated previously about knowing and having a clear idea of what your theme is are good steps. Working independently as a publishing company who pick up a variety of ideas, have left it very open for themselves. Sometimes it is helpful to set yourself a project, knowing full well what your intentions are for it and what you’re hoping to produce as an end product. If you’re fully up-to-date with what you know, or if what the client is expecting for you to produce, I sense that there will not be an issue.  Working to a certain standard, I believe that if it’s a high quality, it’ll help not only the client, but it will help others to acknowledge how well you have curated what you’ve published—in relation to Unit Edition, their designs are well designed and they fit the requirements, they’re clean and very attractive. There’s this strong consistency throughout each of the layouts and I think that’s what makes their work striking.


As for the book binding, it’s amazing that I’m finally able to use the skills learnt from the workshop with Michelle. At first, Iwasn’t too confident with the idea of making a book in the first place, or even binding one, but as the lesson progressed, Ifound myself enjoying each and every step involved. It made me start to consider, that instead of looking in to getting my book published by an online bureau, I could bind the book myself.

Ihave started looking for book bind ideas from Pinterest, and other useful inspirational sites, but there was only one that interested me in particular, which was the japanese bind. It has this elegance ot it, and that’s a thing Iwould like to show with in my book, that even though sometimes, my work may come across unpresentable; Iwould like to contradicct that fact with the nice bind to bring the book together to make it look presentable.


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