CIP:Week 18– Thought of the week and Book cover workshop

Week 18- Central illustration agency reflection

There’s so much to express, when having to contribute a thought towards this particular site. There’s a huge step between how we observe images and what the image represents, or how we then take to granted how we want to represent it. When thinking about how imagery is used in so many ways to convey someone’s or even your own depiction, of course it can be difficult. There’s an incredible amount of thought, planning and drafting behind every idea, but there are times where a clear visual will come to your mind and it’s stuck with you. If it’s able to communicate and symbolize your idea; then perhaps, it’s strong enough to work for almost anybody.

When observing the many illustrators that Central illustration have collated, I’m astounded by the many ways in which they have taken in to creating their own concept of what they want to portray. Then again, even if the illustration/design is abstract, it’s amazing that each and every one of these practitioners are able to take their idea or someone else’s and make it their own.

Being able to adapt and create many different styles or images/symbols of, for example, a rabbit; if it were to be taken in to consideration, that these rabbit samples are going to be placed in to a portfolio, it may be beneficial because you’ll never know what the client may want.

Book cover workshop:

It was pretty interesting. Idid find it a little slow at first, when coming up with ideas, but it does start to let me think about what other ideas I could try out, in terms of having a specific texture, pattern or even laying out my key texts a certain way could affect the overall outcome of the book.

In my honest opinion, Ifeel that perhaps next time, I’ll need to make some careful considerations towards how I manage my time towards putting in content for the book or making the decorative features.




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