CIP: Pastiche: Update

Even though, I was coming to an end with the previous video and I was quite confident in the way that it had turned out; I went over the footage again and I had an inkling that what I was trying to say about Sugar’s work wasn’t coming across clear enough.

With some free time, during a lunch time, I took the file back in to After effects and decided to approach it differently in the pacing. I made specific aspects slower, while there were other areas, where there was lagging and the objects that were coming in, didn’t run smoothly as I wanted them to.

After publishing the video, i noticed in a couple of the scenes, where the image starts to lose it’s quality, or other parts where it continues to fade on to a black background. This was unintentional, but I would like to start adjusting and start thinking about the music/sound that’s going to be involved.



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