A:R: Developement 4: Monoprint

I love monoprinting.

I jus wanted to put that out there, but I like how it’s not so restricting and the textures you get out of just pressing your thumb or tool in to the paper is wonderful.

As my intention was to make or start developing my printed outcomes to be more monoprints than all of the other forms of printing, I started to connect my previous tests of creating motion with my drawings or observations with the monoprint lines and smudges.

Itried to recreate as many marks, to make the atmosphere seem busy. This, I think I achieved, but as Istarted to progress from thos tests, Iwanted to start drawing in my observational sketches and adding in that detail of motion, or thinking back to how Ican interpret my emotion and how Isaw the general atmosphere of that location at that time.

In doing this, it felt rather theropeutic. Icouldn’t stop myself from drawing for a while, but it was a nice step in the direction to getting some finalised pieces created.

While doing that, Idid start to draw on to chosen textured paper. Ichose specific papers that Icould connect to the moment or the part of the location, that, that particular moment would happen in.


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