A:R: Reportage: Development 3.

Testing- Recreating motion.  As my animation was quite a big success, I was very fond with the recreation of the fast pace of how the figures moved across my box. As Michelle suggested, I took a look at ‘Bitter sweet symphony’ by The verve. Not the first time I’ve seen this video, but I completely forgot about how this music video is a response to how individuals around you behave and the general atmosphere of the footage is the singers derive in a sense. It was quite remarkable to observe carefully about how people responded to the vocalist walking in a straight line, while they didn’t particularly pay attention.  I was looking and observing similar scenarios with the people, by observing how they behaved and with what they did, what was said and how things changed over those three days.  Taking one of the figures from previous, I started to move them across in the same manor as before.


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