A:R: Reportage: Development: Feedback, Exhibition prep ad Pecha kucha celebration week

Again, the feedback was rather helpful. Iwasn’t too sure on my ideas or what Iwas doing was getting me some where, but from the experience it gave me something to thing about for the next couple of weeks.

It started to make me consider and think even more about how Icould take these things further, but Icould easily sense that the time was running out Ihad to be careful with how i spent my time.

I considered that Icould possibly start using monoprint a bit more, as most of the moments during the journey were like fragments, or brief moments that were focused on one thing, but soon transitioned to the next.


Celebration week:

Even with the the prep, the feedback from the professionals who came around to check everything out was pleasing and what Ifound nice, was how every studio were approaching these subjects differently or would approach illustration in their own way.

Also, the presentation of these said things. It made me reconsider and that Icould probably should be constantly doing more, than thinking about it.



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