A;R: Reportage: Testing and development of home screenpritig

I didn’t have a lot of access to the screen printing room, and when Ithought about it; Istill wanted to try it out. When I eventually did go to a workshop induction,  Ifound that how I wanted to portray this image or experience, it wasn’t coming out at all how I wanted it to. So, I decided to google up some methods to see how I could get my illustration to look blurry. As the image was conveying my blurred vision at the time of the experience written down, so when I came across a way, I tried it.

I tried tights at first, but due to them being thick, they were making the ink all gloopy and thick. The medium would just go straight through the material, even if Ihad concealed the parts I wanted with glue.


I tried to experiment with a different type of material, this was nylon (?). I attempted again. I drew out my image and spread across the parts where I didn’t want to show up with glue. Afew times, it didn’t work. It was becoming extremely annoying, as it was suppose to be a quick and straight forward process. So, being very patient, Itook off some of the paint and found a squeegee that will help with spreading the paint evenly. It worked without a hitch!


I quite liked how the fabric would blur out the edges on some of the parts and even though the lines were thick in some parts, it made the lady stand out broadly. In consideration of the next text, Idecided to try a material with pattern. Iwas really curious to see if a different material would publish the same results.


I also wanted to try out two-toned colour methods to try and help change the atmosphere of the image.


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