A:R:Reportage: Finalisations for prints for box and crit.

Along the way, I felt lost, but Iwas able to pick myself up once Isorted out the tests and possible finalisations.

Even with the crit, the feedback turned out to be good. I was pretty surprised, but it left me thinking about re-doing a few of my final prints because of the quality of them. Iunderstand, that it won’t take long, but Ifeels that what Iapplied with myself, I need to apply that to the prints. Organisation.

As stated before, Ichose the images and print methods that Ifelt would help to overall depict and convey my experience. I also chose some of the textured or paper types based on the location I was in, or could connect it to.

//The photos for the final pieces will be published soon. //


However, after the crit on Friday, Ishould consider adding the simlar textures to the animation, to probably link it to my boxed piece, to help stabalise the whole idea.

Over all, ths  project has allowed me to think a bit more deeply about how I’m going to take an idea further, or see things from a specific view. Ialso need to plan more in future about where I’m going to spend my time and what on. I feel that, Imay need to also consider the quality of my work and make sure that it’s treated preciously.

When it came to the exhibition though… I was stunned. Again.

Everyone had put in so much efffort this term and it really shines through in the work. So, in future, I’ll need ot do the same and take my time with things a little more, compared to this time.



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