CIP: Research- Layout.

Thinking back on all of the research, ideas and feedback I’ve obtained in such a short period. I’ve started to look at Ray gun, as a source of inspiration.

Designed by David Carson. Carson is known for his use of type play and involving it in his designs.

I can name one aspect that I enjoyed about his designs, which is: how well the text works on the images. Ifeel that his choice of colour scheme works well, they link back to the photographs.

After going through his designs,  I know that I want to do a more, illustrated approach to the design of the layout, but there was a thing that I did come to notice, during the feedback for the mock up. I was trying to squash too much on to one page.

So, if you refer to my previous post about the changes of what to have in the content, then you know why I’m bringing this up.

I went to the library yesterday and checked out some books about design, and Itried to look at more animation or art related books to look at how they place their images on the page with text.

Athing I didn’t want for my book was lots and lots and LOTS of text to go with my images. Iwant a brief description; over all, my intention was to have a design that’s minimal in a way, but plays on aspects of my design style. I like bold colours, while I like pale ones too. Ilove lines. Ilove quirks.

I enjoy putting the bold and pale colours otgether, but I also enjoy print, texture and pattern.

I’m trying to put all of those aspects together, so I’ll need to think more in to how I can use that more with the design.

So, testing out my first title page image, I started to move and relay the text and images in a different space. Still, I feel it’s a little too over complicated, so Imay need to remove some images.




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