CIP: Week 22: Mock up and thanks guys!

The feedback was excellent. I really want to thank everyone on their input with my mock up and everything. I was really stubborn about the cover design, but there’s still some things I need to update here about the development and testing, etc.

From what I’ve gathered, what my mock up at the moment lackss is consistency… and maybe, I need to re-think the type.

I was planning on changing the layout as I go a long, but that’s a little too time consuming and sometimes, if you do that, there’ll always be a problem. So, over the weekend, I listed out what I’m going to have inside the portfolio, to help me get a even clearer idea of what I’ll need to focus on, instead of doing it willy-nilly.


Project 1-


2 artists- research

2 plans

2 or 3 idea developments

2 or 3 pieces.

Project two:

2 artists

2 additional research

2 idea development

2 final


Market ready:


research – 2




Artist:Rebecca Sugar


plan/story board

ideas dev x 4-6

4 of progress



-Research x 2

– ideas, development- choices

final production

Live brief (To come)

Thoughts of the week

3 thoughts. 3 or 4 images.


Case study and a images drawn for visual essay.

After making those decisions, I started to think about how I could make the book a bit more understandable, so people can link image to text or the introduction pages with the project.



Reporter— Location.

I created in my own style a building illustration for the title page, which will kind of be a hint of what’s to come, but as the viewer progresses in to the book, the buildings design will be linked as part of the layout for that category.



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