Defining style inspiration from other practicioners on pinterest-

More found inspiration- Reportage

Pinterest always has a selection. Not even that, but it’s like a whole universe with many exciting ideas. I’m never too sure where to start or look, but there was a variety of different things that helped me guide my ideas, and to think about where I could take this in a certain direction.


Box ideas.

At first, I started to consider making my box look like a building at Birck lane, but when I started to think about it, I wasn’t really sure, if that was describing or conveying my own experience of the place.

Illustration and print.

When I see screenprint, I always assume that you can only use one colour, so I thought it may be a good idea to combine multiple colours. However, these finds were so complexed when I look at them. I had to be condierate towards how much time I really had.


Although, when it came to testing, Iwanted to try this out more with lino printing. Ithink it would be interesting to see how many methods or ways I could try out, to help depict my experience through technique and what the medium is printed on.


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