A:R: Lase cutting work shop

Another thing that wasn’t new to me, but I did learn about the process a bit more, then just handing over a design and asking the technician to do it for you.

I indeed was able to make and think about more considerate choices to how Iwant my design to appear, if it’s going to be etched, and that not only that, the material it’s being pressed in to, is a very important.

The first design, I had put together wasn’t good enough. There were still grey parts and it was a very complicated illustration to even get done anyway. Considering that we had a short amount of time to get this done in,  I should’ve thought about it more.


Returning with a smaller design, Ifound some reflective, mirror-like plastic? I knew automatically that the process may or may not work because the laser would bounce off of the surface. To reassure, that this doesn’t happen in future, Ineed to use a thicker, more suitable piece of acrylic.



It’s alright, in my opinion, but the details aren’t clear. I found it very hard to even make it out even.


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