Letter press with Kim and preping title page. (3 workshops)

If Irecall back, Iwent to three different work shops to come up with new ideas in how Icould present type for my title page and any work involved with this project. Type isn’t a thing, I usually want or attempt to work with, but as the year has prgressed, it’s been a thing which I’ve been catapulted in to using or trying to at least consider it with my animations, or even my printed outcomes for my box prints.

Work shop 1:

The first work sop felt more like an experimentation, to help us think and generate new ideas into how we can make the type work with the images or ideas that we’ve collated already. I should thank myself lucky for being in group two because that gave us some time to KNOWwhat we were going to base the title page on. As a reminder, my prints are based on the location of Brick lane and I wanted to base my project on my own experience or how I take in the atmosphere of the location, on the three seperate days I had gone there. From the notes and sound that I’ve collected, I started to generate imagery to help sit along side with those notes. This was an idea that was given to me from our CCS workshop and Susanna.

Over the weeks, I came up with an array of different ideas. I had the idea of laying down brick patterns on the paper first, to represent our most typical connection to Brick lane, which would be the bricks. To be honest, the bricks in the location leave me in awe at times. If you pay close attention, the bricks aren’t all the same. They’ll be a different shape, shade, colour or sometimes, it would have posters, art or all kinds of random things on them. Even the dents etched in to them would vary. It did start to make me think, but taking this in to mind, Idesigned a lino print that represented this point of view.

Here’s my plans for the title page:


I wanted it A5.

When arranging the wooden blocks, Iwasn’t too confident with the first set of outcomes, but Ifelt like I had to rush it a little. When Ireturned to the designs after testing, it was just… I’m not really sure how to put it, but it left me a bit disatisfied? the quality wouldn’t come out correctly, and the grungy green tones were not very appealing to the eyes.

When I returned the seond time, I had a prepped transparent print. Ihad printed the brick patterns in blue and red on the paper this time. Ichose these two colours, as they were bold, and they had reminded me of the dominant blue and red that you’ll some times see on graffeti at that place. Trying out the type again and again on plain paper, I wanted to see where it would go in terms of position, space and how the type looked.

I wanted to obtain this specific quality.

Even when Ireturned for a second workshop to retry these methods, I found myself being unable to obtain the look I had imagined; the elegance that the term ‘my way’ has. Ijust couldn’t do it.

Due to the short amount of time, Ihad given myself, Istuck with what Ihad so far. I still feel, that Imay need to revisit the letterpress room or try a different method using a different techinque.


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