Reporter: Box plans, ideas.

At first, Ithought about having the box in a shape of one of the buildings from Brick lane, but hwne Ithought back, it wasn’t really conveying the experience that I had at the location. Iwanted it to be something unique and different too.

Ididn’t really want to work with cardboard, so I started to jot down a few ideas of what Imay want it to look like or to start linking in things, that somone from another perspective would think of Brick lane as a place. The most typical connections could be the bricks, the art work or even the markets down there.


Overall, Ifelt that Ihad a connection with people passing, doing things that have become an everyday, ‘normal’ routine or habbit and Ithought about  capturing that view on the box, so it becomes a memory, just like those paintings, posters and weird-looking sculptures that spring from the walls in the location.

When Ithought about this further, it reminded me of the game ‘Legend of Zelda: A link between worlds’.


As this was a box idea, that Iwanted to try out to see how it would work and whether it was affective or not, I decided to give it a try with some clay.

Idid feel that, making this was quite fast, but when it came to adding in features, such as the bricks or colour, that I struggled with. The clay dries pretty fast, if you don’t work on it at a fast pace, but Iwas taken back to how effective this was and that Icould clearly go ‘Now, this is what Iwanted. I can see the link–‘.

Icarefully tried to make the bricks appear realistic with water paints and acrylic. At times, the clay lid would feel flimsy, so to make sure it wouldn’t crack or break, I stuck the clay to a piece of thick board to support it.

Over all, I’m confident with the box, but the contents, I’ll need to discuss that in the next post with in the development.


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