A:R: The Fable series// Research 1

From both sets of feedback over the last week, I’ve been breaking down many of the links with in specific aspects with in the game and I’ve never really been able to think in such depth about a game series before… well, I have once, but not with a game such as this one.

For example, the character Reaver. I found out he was based/influenced by Lord Byron. From then forth, Is tarted to look in to the quests or situations that involves that character with in the games; following on from that, I started to think about how much involvement he really has with your character in the game, and he does appear to play a big role. He’s either your ally or your enemy depending on your choices.

From there, I figured I could probably take the research even further by making comparisions to the characters dress style to a real life dress style and just looking in to who or what era inspired it.


When I start to look at these things in particular, it seems like I will soon have to apply this same method to the narrative style or even the mediums and materials I use to see what works.


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