CIP: Kick Starter brief

//Insert cheer here//

Starting off with a new brief right before the end of term, I’ve been looking forward to finding out what this last brief was about and now I know.

Returning back to our Christmas creatures group, we planned out how we were going to approach our idea and how we were going to develop it.

While last time, Iwas a little concerned about time management, but I do get the sense that we may be able to reach our deadline goal, if we focus and work as a team. Being able to work together and co-ordinate what roles we have with in the group was a great start. I’ve been put in charge of the social marketing and powerpoint; something I have a bit of experience with from managing several websites in the past, but I do admit, that Ilove being in control of a webpage or a social media account and being able to try and put out our ideas and progress in to the world wide web.

Changes made to the project?We’ve decided to make the cards seasonal. So, instead of it being christmas creatures, we’re managing 5 different holiday seasons– Christmas, Valentines, Halloween and Easter. The last holiday is to be decided soon, but we each have our own role. Luckily, iwas able to snag Easter. To be honest, I like drawing Rabbits and bunnies, and any creature that has fluffiness to them, but it would be really intriguing to see how  I turn this ‘cute’ creature in to an actual easter-like monster.


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