CCS: Essay// Notes- Development: Notes.

I’ve had yet to talk about this or even mention it with in this blog, I wasn’t sure if I’m suppose to, but I wanted to share all of the neat discoveries I embarked upon while I was researching the topic of the Printing press.

I’ve decided to focus my final essay on the subject of Luther and how his translations, and many different sources which were created with the press helped to challenge the church, in not just communication and mass spread of information, but how it dominated their manipulation towards the people with in German society of that time.

At first, especially when it came to doing the case study, I was interested only in how a press operated and how it started off, but now I’m finding all of these interesting links and it’s left me with different questions to ask myself, so I wanted to share what I have so far.

Notes so far:

  • beginning of press- discovery, how it came about
  • Gutenberg’s plan and how it proceeded
  • how did the church react, how did monks react
    publishing of materials, pamphlets etc
  • How did his press affect those who were using letter press before?
  • how did everyone else with in society respond?
  • what was the over all transformation?
    Church, control. -Main body
  • Focused on Luther and church.
  • How did he come about and started to distribute, translate?
  • what languages? why?
  • what was the intention?
  • How did the people take to this?

  • what was they gaining ? what did they want from the people and were they controlling people the views?
  • Why did luthers views change the people and challenge the church?
  • what kind of people were interested and persuaded by the church and their views?
  • What am I trying to state/reflect on this? what is it I want to say?
  • How did the church manipulate these peoples views?
  • Did anyone else get involved?
  • What did Luther do in response to their dismissal?



At the moment, I’m bulking up a lot of my draft notes and trying to form it in to a well-structured argument, but the only issue I’m probably having right now is with narrowing specific info down, so it’s clear.



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