A:R- The Fable series// A LOT of the tests are in my book…

.. So, yes. A continuation from the last post, from the overlaying, I decided to see where or how far I could get in trying hand materials, because one of the other focuses, I wanted to try looking at is how I was going to approach taking the games narration or clips, etc in to 2d form and by hand. I wanted to start fresh from a couple of tests, which I started to do in my book originally, but I took them from A5 to A4 to expand and stop my drawings from being so cramped on the small space.

I was hesitant to see how I was going to draw out this, but it was a pretty intensive moment to begin with. ‘Jack of blades is back.’ the character proclaimed in a deep tone of voice. The flames blazed around in the background, but I started to think more about how, if I’m using my normal style of drawing and I’m taking it from screen, how can I use the media I already have to depict the atmosphere with the character?

Not as detailed as I imagined, but trying to draw the characters in while observing the scene itself was tricky. They move quite fast on some parts, so it’s hard to fully observe each detail.

Even so, with the use of water pastels and water, I was enjoying the thin layer of different tonal washes over the top.


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