A:R– The Fable series// Development 2– Testing and overlaying images.

Honestly, I got in a bit of a slump with this project, where I didn’t know what I was going to try next, as my mind was quite blank about where I was going to take it. I was so focused on what I wanted the final outcome to look like, that I forgot about trying out and playing around with new ideas, old ideas and methods of how I could put the ideas out.

However, to continue on, I started to continue the collaging process and even started to work in different mediums, such as watercolour crayons. They’re quite thick, and they create nice, bold, smooth lines, so I was looking forward to finely working these in to the images.

I decided to solely focus on this one image, as the eyes struck out at me, and I felt that, that was a central aspect of the image. As I started to take other collages and lay them on the others, it started to create even more images, which I felt could easily sink in with another quote from the game, but this time it wasn’t from Reaver. It’s from the first introduction, after the bandit raid: “From the nearby woods, the boy watched as all he knew was taken away, his whole life was crushed to ashes.”

I know at first, I was abit iffy about taking simple shapes or even just randomly putting in images or cutouts in the space to create a new image, but now that I start to look at all of the different ways I’ve tried, just from layering them up; I can see how these images could effortlessly fit in with any of the quotes that describe the situation.


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