A:R: The Fable series// Development 2/3– Figurative.

After all I’ve done, so far, I’m feeling that I haven’t done quite enough experimenting with the concept of having a game series, and then developing it in to a totally new visual concept.
I went back and I decided to look at the doodles/drawings that I had originally illustrated and decided to start re-drawing them in more of a figurative way, so for example, there was a quick sketch which I had developed from the scenes of when the first Hero had found his father dead.
I drew it out quickly using the pastels, but I would like to see if I could produce this in a printed form, such as mono.

I like how simplistic the lines and colours were on their own, but I found that I couldn’t really tell what was going on and I have an inkling that I may have to give further context to the images, that I’m producing. I could either do this by adding more detail or even adding text.

Returning back to the trees overlaying technique, I was really starting to enjoy using just red and blue, or even green with red and blue because it’s quite bold and once they overlap, they create a nice effect.


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