CIP: Collection- Development decisions

It’s been a productive day to say the least, but as I went through the document, I couldn’t help, but make many different changes to the contents layout. I noticed that some of the spacing were off, or that I did the margins too thick. I had it set at ’18 mm’ on the inside, but that was only due to my previous binding decision, which was going to be the stab bind. Then, I had to reconsider it because I had several full-scale images that took up two pages, so they would be affected.

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In the end, I’ve chosen and will update with a few examples of these changes, but I’ve noticed, that by keeping the pages consistent, it makes it look much more presentable. My aim was to make sure that the work was readable and clear to understand, and I think I’m getting there.



Printing decisions

At first, yes, I was originally planning to send it to a printing bureau. Which one? Blurb, but considering that I lack money, and it takes a while for it to arrive and get finished, etc, etc. I didn’t want to risk it and if I were to consider this project or method in future, I need to allow myself to have more time to submit and get these things done.

However, as I’m going along with getting the printing done at home. I’m quite happy to do it that way. I’ve made sure that the printer prints at high quality, and that I’ve got the right paper, ink etc.

To return to the binding method again, I decided that a cross over bind would be perfect at keeping a sewn together book tightly together. For some reason, whenever I bind with glue; everything gets messy and I cannot stress enough how I’m trying to avoid  that issue.

Then again, “every dog has its day”.  I’m going to see this project through to the end and I’ll definitely wrap it up by the end of the weekend.




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