A:R: TFS// Development- Continuing on from last time.

While I have come along and started to develop different ideas for the three posters, originally I wanted them to be a thing of aesthetic, but I may assign the 3 A5 cards to be more of aesthetic instead, considering that this was more to introduce and show the narrative of theses scenes, but as I started to experiment further, I had a few outcomes from previously, which I started to re-consider in how it’s putting the message across.


“From the nearby woods, the boy watched as all he knew was taken away, his whole life was crushed to ashes.”

I liked how by using water against ink pen, it causes this nice distorted effect to the image, and I attempted to apply this to the drawing because the text chosen was actually quite twisted and horrible, and while I fought about how it affected the character, it was also quite sorrowful and traumatic. I would like to see if, I could return to the masked figure collage and link it in to this particular drawing, due to the fact that I feel that those may work well together in making the illustration clearer. Although, as stated previously I’ve been wanting to add text to it.



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