A;R// TFS// Development

From the last post, there has been a lot of collage testing, media testing and I was really quite taken by how effective collaging the different mediums together were. So, I decided to proceed on to the development of the first poster with the quote of ‘For five gold coins you could have your wish’; I chose to base a poster on this quote, as it opens up the choice for you as a player and as stated, this game is about choices and how they lead to have an affect on the character later in the game and I thought, it would be a really good focus point, if I were to have each poster representing a theme, such as ‘choice/decision’ or ‘the beginning’ and ‘the end’, or even ‘the reason’.

I really liked the bold over tones and the strong use of red, black and beige with in the footage of the game, such as the narrated dialogue and I thought that by sticking to a certain colour scheme, it helped to tie in what I wanted to show.
I did start to question upon myself, where or how this was going to go, but as I was testing out the materials, I found myself being draw away from cutting out monoprints or images I’ve found and I decided to just draw the original illustration I did.


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