A:R// TFS– Re-checking and update to personal brief

Along the way, especially late last night, I had to re-check my brief, and while I was trying so hard to make sure that the images fit the chosen line or quote I had decided on from the series; I found out that I was suppose to portray these posters aesthetically and not as something to narrate to the audience, but as my posters were developing along the way, i found that I was growing accustomed to collage and mixing mediums with each other.

I decided to focus on the following 3 pieces of text:
“Five gold coins and you could have your answer”
— The choice.
As before, choices are a key aspect of the games and I wanted that to be a main highlight for any one who wants to play the game series.

I was really fond of how it was turning out, as Theresa was a blind sorceress; I tried to show that by removing her eyes from the illustration. I tried to keep
it simplistic in relation to how the concept art is designed and presented.

For the other two posters, i tried to follow the same structure and developed from the previous collage tests and I found that a few of them stood out, while others don’t.

So far, I think as they’re my final outcomes for this topic, I think it may need to have the quote next to it, just to make it stronger.


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