Kick starter: Testing, video and presentation

While we clammed together our ideas, we got together a week before the presentation and started testing out our video concept.
Hubert was in charge of this part, as he was assigned this role, but it was pretty fun getting to see how this would come out.

Although, we may have to consider working and managing our time more efficiently next time we do this or something similar.

Accelerator presentation:
As I had done the majority of the presentation after I got feedback from the previous one, I felt comfortable with putting the slides together again. It didn’t take too long, but the feedback after wards was a great help, as it let us know what we could of done and how we could of approached it further, if we wanted to. I doubt we’ll take this any further, but seeing the video together was admittedly humorous, but I think we do need to consider re-taking photos of the mockups again and make them more ‘festive’ to help with the theme.


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