Kickstarter research and development

After out presentation feedback, there wasn’t a lot for us to continue on with our extensive idea, so we discussed between the four of us, that it would be a wise idea to keep to the Christmas theme, as it helped to bring our idea together overall. It had a Christmas theme and we were easily able to pull together the colour scheme, which then led us on to planning out what we were going to do as a group and how we were going to show these ideas that we had.

We decided to have two illustrations per member to put in to the card designs.

I decided to mock up and work on our tree reward design– For every customer who sells over £10, they get a free foldable tree which will come in a4 or a5.

template together.png

I wasn’t too keen on having the tree have sharp edges, because we have to be wary of our target audience, and as we were aiming for kids and young parents, it would be on our conscience, if a child were to cut themselves trying to put up a foldable tree, so I decided to round the edges off on that.

And as for my role, continued to do some work on our social media pages, but it was just dealing with all of the little details, such as contact, information and what we’re selling.

I decided to take on board the research part, to help give some ideas to the group. For example, I suggested the zombie cards Kickstarter campaign, as they had some unusual and interesting ways of how they approached their audience with their idea.

As for the powerpoint presentation, I felt that we weren’t exactly clear on what we’re putting through, but luckily enough


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