Face Off entry

entry.jpgOkay, I admit at first I wasn’t going to enter it, but I thought I would just push myself and enter it for fun. My submission stars my character persona, which is actually my original character that I came up with about seven years ago when I was trying to come up with a DA profile image. I decided to give her, her very own twist which would reflect my non-professional side which I rarely show at University.

I painted this digitally with in the program Sai Paint tool; I used my graphics tablet to do that. I varied between using the different textured options for the brushes, due to the fact that I absolutely couldn’t stand looking at the bold, solid colours on a textured photograph. I didn’t sit too comfortably and I felt that, if I did this, it may help to stop the photograph from not standing out.

Now, looking back at it, I feel that I could’ve taken a little more care with rendering my body from the photo. I may need to work on that skill again. I also feel that the lines could’ve been a little bit softer, or I could’ve scanned in my original draft sketch and painted over it, but this was fun.