Give and Take: Development(2) and Experimentation(5)

I was testing out some new Photoshop brushes I had downloaded from DeviantArt and I wasn’t too keen with the way they turned out, so the little doodle I did. I ended up saving it, due to the fact that I was happy with how it turned out.

Bearing in mind that I did some research on some more practitioners, and the feedback I received, I decided to try and animate the digital outcome by moving around specific elements. Untitled-1

The image could fit more with the word ‘Company’ as there’s a company of lines, which remind me of Crows.


Next time, I will have to keep in mind  to separate different parts of the image on to layers to make the movement less bulky.


Give and Take: Collaborative gif drawing

Taking one of the drawings from the collaborative workshop, I was quite pleased with this one for how busy and energetic it was. I was also pretty keen on the textured marks that came out from the crayon pastels I used.


As the image was quite poor in quality and appeared dull, due to the camera, I decided to edit it further with the curves option in Photoshop to help give it back some of it’s vibrancy.


Using liquify to move the lines and smudge them across, I feel that this helped link in to the medium I used, as it quite often smudged the lines, if you pressed a bit too hard with it.

Over all, I’m quite happy with this outcome and may come back to it sometime in future to experiment further with it.

Even the separate layers created in the process of this, were pretty intriguing to look at,

Design Competition: Research (5) and Development (2)

This one was a little tough, due to I had to quickly think back to how this was going to work and I had to put all of the studio spaces in to consideration for this part of the research.

Although, as exhausting as this may appear to seem, I have learnt a lesson from this research. That I need to be very specific about what kind of furniture, tables or even stands I’m looking for, other wise I’ll end up spending a lot of time searching for it.

So, here are my following mood boards for the ideas I’ve come up with for furniture so far:

I thought that first, we could avoid using white, as all of our walls are white, and the second thing to address would be having the materials used or furniture being able to sit in the show, without drawing too much focus.

I started to consider the ways we presented the work from the previous years, and the success of that. I also think that it might be a money saver if we proceed by re-using those tables or some of the stands we already have in the studio for display.

Although, I found that we could probably use some big MDF or light plywood board and fasten it together into 4 panels and have it standing up so it can open up an expanded space for people to present work on.


Design Competition: SS// Research (4) and Development choices (1)


Type in every single exhibition is important, as it’s used in so many different ways. Besides verbal communication, it can be used with narrative and can help to communicate an image. Type can also be used for signs, logos, posters, labels, captions and any other text based dialogue involved.

Handwritten type would help to bring the creator or studios work together as a collective. For example, the Give and Take’s current sign in Studio room.


It can help bring a more welcoming atmosphere.

Or if we’re considering the readability of the type and wanting a more clear and presentable focus, then I’ve found some type that’s just as simple, welcoming and clear to see and read. It also isn’t too sharp, or harsh.



A/DotW: Steven Sugar

If you recognise the name, I have mentioned him previously while researching his sister Rebecca Sugar.

He is the main inspiration for the character on Steven Universe and the main background designer for the Cartoon Network show.

As you can see, if you’ve ever kept a look on my previous posts about his sister and Steven Universe, his work maintains a similar energetic and vibrant frequency.



While there’s these solid tones of colour that have been used, it seems that they also help with the lighting used through out each illustration. It also helps to emphasis and convey a specific mood or atmosphere to the situation used in the image.

From this, I get a calm, relaxing evening sort of image to my mind.