Design Competition: Poster workshop (P1)

The first part of our experimental poster work shop; getting in to our groups, we had a table with some objects and we were given some instructions to follow by Regular Practice. While it was a very constructive afternoon, I found it was getting messier by the moment as I worked my stick in with the ink on the paper.

I tried to imitate my chosen Exhibition image from the Barbican as best as I could, but I found it difficult to copy it fully. However, when I think back to the outcomes obtained, they appear to be far more exciting and interesting, as it’s a concept that has been created by me in an attempt to imitate the artists piece.

After following the first set task for our table, we moved on to work on the other tasks set on a different table and did the same after that. It did open my options and considerations up a bit, that when it comes to making marks or creating a new piece of work or concept, I should try to be more open and considerate of what tools and materials I use, as the end result may be a reflection of that.


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