Dissertation update (2)

Apologies for the lack of activity; I’ve got all of my posts saved as drafts, they are written out, but they need their correct images (Which I’m currently making smaller for upload).

Anyhow… I’ve been doing a lot of research and considering around my previous subject question and while it is based on my love and fondness for Anime, I’ve come to the sudden decision of narrowing it down even further and solely focusing on a subject, that I’ve been interested in for years and it’s been quite a well spoken topic with in our Otaku community.

The portrayal/depiction of femininity/females in Anime and manga, but I may just put this down to anime in general, due to the fact that I can tie this in to how they are visually and vocally conveyed as well.

As someone who can be considered (or I consider) myself as an anime otaku (nerd/geek), but there was one thing I always noticed, and tried to avoid, which was the stereotypical, over the top feminine characters which pop up in a lot of Shoujo anime. You know, the girly girl who is always shy or embarrassed and depicted as weak and useless? Yeah, those ones. At first, when I tried to avoid this topic question, I could help, but ponder why they are often like that. Not ALL female characters are like that with in Japanese animation. Some are, but there’s either those types and the ones who are the stubborn, ‘I hate you, but I secretly love you’ types as well.

This WAS NOT the only thing that came to mind, but there were so many things to bring up during this realisation. How the fans respond, or how over the years, this view on femininity with in japan has changed or has also reflected with in or through out these animations as well.

Also, why, how and when they start to be seen or recognised like that? there’s plenty of other questions that are streaming through my thought process as of now, but these were simply a few that had hit me with in this.


I did a bit of research over the past few days, and it does turn out that there’s a connection to Japans culture after all and good news! I have linked this thought process/question/subject back to the Gender roles essay which I wrote back in the first year. One of my items of choice which strongly depicts femininity (the Hello Kitty plush), I recited a finding from a book about how females of Japan are influenced in a particular way, and I’m curious to find out if this is due to the things around them, or tradition or even by their own choices.


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